Water Storage Reservoir Inspection

Water Tank Inspection & Tank Cleaning

Water Tank Inspection Services is a division of Cross Marine Projects.


We serve the Municipal, Industrial, and Private Water Storage Industries across the United States. Our water tank inspection team provides fast and convenient AWWA and NFPA-25 tank inspections, tank cleaning, and tank corrosion control services.

Potable Water Tank Inspections

Payson City Water Reservoir Inspection

Utilizing the latest commercial diving, remotely operated vehicles (ROV), and underwater camera technology, our crews can thoroughly inspect your tanks for water tank maintenance issues in a quick and affordable manner with minimal impact to your water utility operations. We inspect both in-ground and elevated water tanks for municipal and private clients.

Industrial Water Holding Tank Reservoirs

In addition to servicing drinking water tanks, Cross also inspects industrial water tanks for leaks, deterioration and environmental degradation. We can perform these inspections in both still and moving water conditions from small cooling tanks to several acre holding reservoirs.

Water Tank Video Inspections

Our tank inspection crews are equipped with the latest underwater video equipment. This allows us to clearly capture all of the major tank inspection points for closer examination so that you have an accurate understanding the condition of your water tank or water tower.

ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) Water Tank Inspections

Our portable and cost effective ROV comes equipped with a high quality video system to capture water tank structure conditions with little disruption of tank sediments and minimal chance of introducing foreign contaminants.

Commercial Diver Water Tank Inspections

Orem Water Tank Inspection

Our underwater inspectors rely upon self-contained commercial diving dry suits that are sealed to prevent water contamination. Each system is carefully cleaned according to AWWA standards prior to entering the water tank. Our commercial divers are equipped with helmet mounted cameras and lights to capture inspection points and to further evaluate potential tank problems such as tank cracks and corrosion.

Water Tank Cleaning

Overtime, water tanks accumulate significant amounts of sediment and debris that can impede water works operations. Our specialized water tank cleaning equipment removes this sediment with minimal agitation to surrounding sediments. Our tank cleaning services are both effective and affordable.

Water Tank Maintenance

Water Tank Maintenance

Regular water tank inspection and water tank cleaning schedules will greatly prolong the working life of a water storage reservoir and help prevent unnecessary water contamination and water tank corrosion problems. Our NFPA-25 and AWWA tank inspection and tank cleaning services are thorough and cost effective maintenance solutions.

Water Tank Inspection Service Area

Located in Utah, we are Utah’s most experienced water tank inspection company. We also provide tank inspection services to clients located in Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico.


Additionally, our parent company, Cross Marine Projects, provides underwater inspections, sub-sea surveys, marine salvage, commercial diving and marine construction services around the world. To learn more about our other marine capabilities, please visit www.crossmpc.com